How to remove Windows Antivirus 2010

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The program Windows Antivirus 2010 is spyware.  This program will typically show up on your desktop and tell you that your computer is infected with viruses.  It will want you to run it’s scan, then will tell you that you need to purchase the program to remove the infections it finds.  DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PROGRAM!  It is not a legitimate program.  If you enter in your credit card information, there is no telling what it will actually be used to purchase.

I’ll mention how to remove the program below, but here is some advice in general.  If a program suddenly appears on your computer posing to be a virus scan, and you did not install it yourself, it is not a legitimate program.  People who create spyware/viruses can do a good job and can make their programs look like the real deal.  The Windows Antivirus 2010 is a great example, because it looks like it is a legitimate Windows program but it is not.

The easiest way to remove this program is to download and run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (you can get it from  Be sure to get the updates to this program before beginning your scan.  It is also a good idea to run the scan in Safe Mode.  I have found Malwarebytes does a decent job removing the Windows Antivirus infections.