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Gripes from a computer technician

Part of my job involves fixing personal home computers.  Maybe I’ve just had one of those weeks, but I’ve decided to write a list of my common gripes about customers and things I wish I could tell them to do differently.

1. Don’t forget to tell me about all your problems.

When you call me out to fix your computer, please tell me about all the problems you want addressed when we are setting the appointment, not once I’ve arrived at your house.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “oh, while you’re here can you look at this too…”.  These extra problems can take time to fix, throwing my schedule off for the rest of the day.  Let me know about everything ahead of time and I can better schedule enough time for your appointment.

2.  Don’t claim you have an emergency when there is not one. 

I understand computers can crash at the most inconvenient times (usually during a big project) and I will do my best to help you out asap.  But, please do not call it an emergency and want me to come out immediately because you can’t access iTunes, or you can’t watch videos, or something like that.  Not an emergency.  Or, if your kids have a project due tomorrow and they haven’t started yet and it’s 7:00 and now the computer won’t work.  Their lack of planning is not my fault. 

3. Don’t expect free detailed phone tech support.

I don’ t mind if customers call and ask me a quick question.  I do mind when they call and say they just have a quick question but then try to spend the next 30 minutes on the phone fixing a much bigger problem.  I don’t get to bill you for these phone consultations, so if it is a problem that I cannot help you resolve in under 5 minutes, please do me a favor and schedule an appointment.  It makes it easier on everyone.

4. Not following your advice/help when they ask for it. 

Customers love to lie to me.  Don’t know why.  I don’t care what you already tried; just humor me and try the steps I am advising you so that I can better troubleshoot the problem.  If I asked if you restarted your computer, don’t say you did if you didn’t.  There is usually a reason I am asking you to do that.

5. Standing over my shoulder – drunken little helper syndrome.

Watching everything I do is not going to help.  I do not mind answering questions, however I cannot teach you my job in an hour.  If I need help from you I’ll ask for it.  It makes me nervous too when you are watching me  the whole time.  I promise I will not snoop through your files.  I don’t care that much.

6. Don’t expect me to fix your VCR, iPOD, Prius, HDTV, etc, etc.

I fix computers.  This does not mean that I can fix all technology-related items.  I might be able to program your DVR or fix your cell phone, but it is going to take me a lot longer to figure it out if it is not a device I work with on a regular basis.

7. Don’t forget to delete the stuff you don’t want me to see ahead of time.

Delete Porn and porn bookmarks before I arrive.  I don’t care what you browsing habits are, but please do a courtesy clean before I come over and leave something up to my imagination.

8. Please do not expect us to clean off your spyway every six months for free.

I don’t warranty spyware removal after 6 mths.  If healed your computer from a virus/spyware/whatever a long time ago and that problem reoccurs down the line, I am not going to warranty that work.  You just infected your computer again.  Pay me to come out again and learn from your mistakes this time.

9. Don’t hide. 

This counters #5.  I don’t want you standing over my shoulder, but then again please don’t run off into your bedroom, shut the door, then get on the phone for an hour while I am there.  It is really awkward for me to have to walk through your house calling for you when I am done. 

10.  Don’t forget to check the simple stuff.

Is it plugged in?  Don’t laugh – it happens more often than you would think.  Make sure that keyboard, mouse, printer, etc. is still plugged in before calling me out to fix it.