Setting a Static IP Address

Sometimes you may find you need to specify a certain IP address for a computer.  An IP addres that does not change is called a static IP address.  Here is how to set one up on your home PC (the instructions are for Vista, but are similar for other operating systems).

Go to Control Panel, then Network and Sharing Center.  Click on Manage Network Connections.

Locate your connection – it might be the Wireless Network Connection (if you connect wirelessly) or Local Area Connection (if you use an ethernet cord).  Right click on your connection and choose Properties.

In the Properties box that comes up, look under the Network tab at the box under the words “This connections uses the following items” .  Locate the words “Internet Protocol Version (TCP/IP)” and double click on them.

In the box that pops up, under the General tab you should check the tabs that say “Use the following IP address” and  “Use the following DNS server addresses”.  Fill in the appropriate boxes with the IP address you want to assign.  Hit OK to save.